Category: Layover

093 Layover 5 Melodic House Techno – 2021-01-22

Mellow out go for a ride. Some Melodic House and Techno to relax with. Long layovers

Nandu, Valva – Daydreams
Nandu – The Travelers Antidote
Le Roi Lezard – Voyage
Le Roi Lezard – Pilot
OCULA – Tephra
Just Emma, UNDERHER, Gokan – No Return, No Escape
ADNT – Way Out
Hozini – Potion
Stefano Bernardi – White Jail
Perlen On Acid – Fungus Amongus
Nuage – Reflection 2020
Floa & Oai – You Are
Aurelius Zon – Momentum
Castelli Stucks – Indian Shakers
Hi-Lo – Kronos
Carl Cox – Pure
MAAND – Symbiosis
Pig&Dan – Telegraphy
Walter Wayne – Coming Home

Set 059 Layover 4 – DJ zLor – June 11, 2020

Layover number 4… layover being how long can 2 songs be played over each other at the same time. This mix actually has 2 songs going together for 3 full minutes. This mix is also in the category of new songs and grabbing stuff, with some different styles of music types. It was a quick selection of stuff that I mixed together as a ‘last live stream mix’ before packing up the studio before moving to Reno, Nevada, USA

Another Long Year – Popcorn
Twofvce – Escher
Walter Wayne – Distorted Origin
808 Lounge – Breeze
Boca 45 ft Emskee – The Roxy
Cafe Sol Y Mar – Everybody Needs Love
Cruz – Sexual Urge
Draeden – Dark Skies
Eva Sita – Diarabi
Martin Niramber – Dying Earth
Lenny Fontana & Shirley Lites – Fire
Laxcity – Cold
Jmusiz – Funky Robot
Rykho – Cant Do Loving You
Sinthetik Messiah ft Hart Fortenbery – Black Sheep
Amr Diab – Nour Al Ain
Andon – You Dont Love Me
Anderson & Thacher – They Say
Ayowolf – Machine Elves
Aka Feel – Confucion
Dejuan N Only – Rhythm
Dekkai – Empyrean
Detax – Como Te Llemas

Set 053 Layover 3 Dubstrumental – Memorial Day – DJ zLor – May 25, 2020

Another set with long layovers, dub mixes and Instrumentals. A few of the dubs had a little more words than I would have liked but just random grab of songs never know what will come up. One had a pretty messed up beat, but it happens


Christian B, Ray Rhodes ft Meiko – In Another Life
Diana Ross – The Boss
Liam Smith & Ron Reeser – No Matter What
Dehasse – Mountains We Can’t Climb
Sonjooz – Luvdisco
Niall Horan – Too Much To Ask
Conrad Sewell – Hold Me Up
Da Buzz – Something About You
Sheila Gordhan – Smile
Quepaso – Moments
Mista 3D Mos – Your Free Dub
AronChupa – I’m An Albatraoz
Martin Garrix ft Khalid – Ocean
Sir Ivan – Happy Together
GOLDHOUSE – When I Come Home
Piero Pirupa – Braindead
Mista 3D Mos – Tron Dub
Arlissa & Jonas Blue – Hearts Ain’t Gonna Lie
La Bouche – Night After Night
D-Sol ft Katt Rockell – Feel Alive

Set 028 Layover 2 Lesters Choice Vinyl Edition

Yes, it’s vinyl, hum scratches and all. I do not know the playlist as Lester Temple selected the songs for me to mix into, key mixing was not part of the mix so some not so pleasant sounds my occur. It is just something different, 2 mixes at different times put into 1. long layovers with a lot of riding the beat, so yeah, it goes off at times but i’ll get ya back there. Just a lot of experimentation, sharing to share unplanned mixing of music i don’t know or have never heard. Not even sure what category to put it in.